Fujian Xiangxin New Energy

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The company completed Series A financing

On December 16, the Series A financing signing ceremony of Fujian Xiangxin New Energy Automobile Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was successfully held in Fuzhou. Chen Xi, Deputy Minister of the United Front Work Department of the Provincial Party Committee and Party Group Secretary of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, Zheng Xu, Chairman of Kaibo Capital, Huang Tieming, the founder of Xiangxin Group, and other leaders and investors participated in the signing ceremony.

At the event, Fujian Xiangxin New Energy Automobile Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. signed agreements with ten investment institutions including Kaibo Fund, China Merchants International, GAC Capital, SDIC Chuanghe, Fuzhou Financial Holding, and Strait Financial Holding. The funds raised in this round of financing will be mainly used for the research and development of new materials and technological innovation, expansion plans around core customers, and enhancement of integrated intelligent manufacturing capabilities.

Huang Tieming, the founder of Xiangxin Group, stated that the successful completion of this financing is a new milestone in the company’s development history. The company will continue to increase its investment in independent research and development, continuously invest in material and product innovation, further enhance its integrated production capabilities, meet customer needs, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and lay a solid foundation for the company’s stable and rapid development. The company actively responds to the national “Belt and Road” strategy, adheres to the “low carbon, green, sustainable” development path, and contributes to the rapid development of China’s new materials and new energy industries.

Zheng Xu, Chairman of Kaibo Capital, stated that Kaibo Capital was established in 2021, initiated by the global leading new energy technology enterprise Zhongchuang Xinhang and a market-oriented team. Xiangxin New Energy is a high-quality enterprise cultivated within the Zhongchuang Xinhang supply chain enterprises. As the lead investor, he hopes that Xiangxin New Energy, with the support of the Fujian local government, will carry out more business cooperation with new energy industry customers, establish closer cooperation with various investment institutions, expand production layout, develop vigorously, grow stronger, complete the listing process early, and contribute to the development of China’s new energy industry.